Laser Media Dock

The professional solution for Beyond

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The compact, single-box solution, for Lasershow Professionals.

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Are you using Pangolin’s Professional-level Beyond Software for the creation of your laser shows?

Have you ever felt a bit unprofessional, when you had all-sorts of cables, USB and MIDI devices, SMPTE controllers, etc. in plain site, that your client’s and those in the audience could see? Maybe you also had an active speaker and emergency stop to accompany all of this. After everything is said and done, you were likely left with a bit of an “ugly” setup.

I also perform laser shows with my multimedia company festAKT, and I too had this problem in the past. I finally found a simple, intuitive solution: Just put all these devices in one enclosure.

The result is the Laser Media Dock series. Professional equipment in a 19"/2HU housing, giving you complete control over your Pangolin software and hardware.

The Laser Media Dock is available in different versions, using numbers (for example 5.5, 6.1, ...). These numbers help to indicate what is inside: the first number stands for the amount of FB3 bays, the second number stands for amount of additional outputs. So (for example) 5.5 means: 5 FB3 bays plus DMX, Audio, SMPTE, MIDI and USB.

Slide-In Bays

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One common feature of all LMD units are the “Slide-In Bays”. Just remove the acrylic plate and configure your LMD according to the size of your show. In all versions you will find 6 FB3 bays (except for the LMD 5.5. Here you have 5 FB3 bays plus one bay for the TC2000 timecode controller).

Professional Connectors

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All major connectors are from well-known brands like Neutrik. For each ILDA channel output, you can connect two cables, and as such, it is easy to connect more than one projector. Or, you can simply place the LMD in the middle of the stage and go to the left and the right without the need for an extra Y-adapter. All USB connectors are equipped with a special interlock system so they cannot slide out of the connectors by mistake.

Uncompromising Quality

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We only use the highest quality electronics, cables and mechanical parts. All units are designed and individually handcrafted in Germany.