Laser Media Dock 5.5

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The Laser Media Dock 5.5 is your control center to do professional Laser shows. With its 5 individual ILDA channels and huge amount of additional features it leaves nothing to be desired.
Place the LMD5.5 under your Laptop or mount it into a rack with other equipment. The distance between the control PC and the LMD5.5 can be up to 5 meters.

We use the Beyond compatible EntTech DMX module. With this DMX solution you can select in- or output to control external devices or be controlled by them.

Two MIDI ports can be found at the backside of the enclosure. The incoming signal selects the ports automatically as in- or output. Here you can connect your APC40 to control your show live or send commands to other devices for triggering or controlling functions.

Here you can connect additional external devices or just charge your mobile phone. If you need more ILDA outputs you can add here an additional LMD6.0 to have another 6 ILDA channels available.

If you are doing multimedia shows and have to control not only Lasers, the standard to synchronize all media is SMPTE timecode. You can simply slide in the TC2000 timecode controller (available from Pangolin) and the external time can be received at the backside of the enclosure via a RCA connector.

Maybe the most important media for a show is the sound. Usually PCs or Laptops delivers bad quality of sound and connectors are useless for professional demands. In the Laser Media Dock 5.5 you will find one of the most advanced sound engine that is available in the market. It converts the audio signal with 24 bits and has built in, switchable isolation; so there is no need for an external DI-box. The Stereo signal is available from two XLR connectors. To monitor the sound you can connect your headphone or listen to the built in speaker. That´s great just for checking the sound, for programming or having presentations for the client. You also have full control over the output level and Mono/Stereo from the front panel.

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To power your Laser projectors you can use the mains output of the Laser Media Dock 5.5. It is controlled by the combination of key- and emergency switch. This ensures maximum security and full control for your set up. The indicator light shows you the status of your system. The mains output can handle up to 30 Amps ... in the most cases enough to power a good amount of Lasers.

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For maximum reliability and stability we use 2 separate USB inputs to connect the LMD5.5 with the control PC. One is for the FB3 devices only, the other one for all other USB units. As well we are using Neutrik connectors and cables with interlock system, so connectors fit safe in their places.